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The last quarter saw TurbAero display at EAA’s AirVenture (Oshkosh) for the first time. Our booth featured an engine model showing the general size and layout of the engine allowing future customers to visualise how the engine might fit into their aircraft. Having some of our technical team onsite during the event also ensured that we were able to provide technical details about our engine's componentry - including recuperator technology and its impact on small gas turbine engine performance - which was well received. We were delighted by the level of interest; it was incredibly motivating for us and boosted our enthusiasm to work towards delivering engines to our future customers as quickly as possible.

Since Oshkosh, our technical team has been busy finalising elements of the design of the prototype engine. Pleasing progress has been made, with the design of the major components completed, and the task of generating manufacturing drawings is underway. The drawings for several of the major components have already been completed and these have gone to the supplier to commence manufacturing. More details are included in the Design and Technical update.

While most of our initial outreach activities have focussed on the US due to our attendance at Oshkosh, we are also starting to get many enquiries from outside the US. We now have a significant number of Registrations of Interest (ROI) on our books, with the number increasing each week as word spreads about our program. We anticipate that once our engine runs on the test stand early next year and we are in a position to be able to validate the performance, specifications and cost for our engine, there will be a strong demand to place an order. I would encourage anyone who is considering our turboprop engine to submit an ROI soon (if they have not already). The ROI program is no-obligation and no-cost with the benefit of securing an engine order when the order book opens. ROIs can be submitted here.

We’re also excited to share with our community that this last quarter has seen planning of the TurbAero forum commence, along with an increased focus on generating video content. As we start to move into the prototyping and testing phases of our technical program we plan to share as much of these exciting activities with our community as possible. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell notification icon to make sure you don't miss any of the updates.

The momentum around our engines is building. Our technical program is progressing well. We are establishing a solid supply chain and engaging with more potential program partners including some who will offer after-sales maintenance, repair and overhaul services and others who intend to develop firewall forward packages for the different aircraft types and models. We are closing in rapidly on assembling our engine and running it for the first time. We have a strong and growing community who is encouraging and supporting our program. These are all very positive signs to us that we are moving in the right direction.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters for their encouragement. In what is a highly demanding project, even hearing comments such as those shown below are energizing for us, and I encourage our community to continue engaging with us.

As always, safe flying!
Dave Limmer,
Founder and CEO, TurbAero

"I love what you are doing"

Oshkosh booth visitor, July 2021

"Wow... Would like to see this come to market!"

YouTube commenter (MojoGrip video), October 2021

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