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We're receiving many inquiries about whether we have a certificated engine, or plans to develop one. The below is a status update on where we are at with this project. Keep your eye on this page as we'll post more details about this project as they become available.

TurbAero certification plans

We have only recently commenced the certification process for the 200hp Talon engine and indications are that it will take 2-3 years to complete. We estimate that mid-late 2024 is likely to be the earliest that certificated engines will be available for delivery to customers.

During the certification process, we intend to work in conjunction with the certificated aircraft manufacturers to integrate the Talon into their new airframes. We will also be supporting external parties who wish to develop Supplementary Type Certificates to facilitate the integration of the Talon into existing airframes.

We will keep our community updated on our progress in this area, so the best way to stay up to date with this project is to subscribe to our newsletters using the button below.

Very soon, we will be launching the TurbAero forum. This will have a section for discussion around certification of the engine and for discussion about specific aircraft types. We'll provide details about the launch of that forum via our newsletters and we'll list the link to it here once it's live.

Thanks for your interest in our certification project.

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