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If you have seen the first few episodes of our “Build an RV7T with me” YouTube series, you will know that we have identified several build discrepancies on the wings of the RV-7A that will require rectification work. Back when we were looking for a suitable project approximately 12 months ago, our preference was for an RV-14. At that time, there were very few projects coming on the market and since there were no RV-14s available, we settled on the RV-7A as the next preferred option.

With RV-14 projects now becoming available, we have reassessed our desire to continue with the current RV-7A project and have decided to proceed with our preferred option of the RV-14 as our test bed and ultimate demonstrator for our engine in the US. Following SUN 'n FUN we shall be transitioning to the build and modification of an RV-14 to replace our RV-7A project.

Consequently, if anyone is interested to purchase our RV-7A project after it is displayed at SUN 'n FUN, in the knowledge that some de-skinning and rectification of some work on the wings is required, please speak with Berni Breen, our Head of Sales who will be on-booth at SUN 'n FUN during the entire air show.

Alternatively, please use the button below to contact us.

Note: Propeller displayed in image and engine model are not included. Contact us for full details.

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