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TA200 TP side view June2021 web

TA200TP Talon

  • Take off power 200 hp
  • Maximum continuous power (MCP) 190 hp
  • Optimum cruise power 180 hp
  • Specific fuel consumption 0.56 lbs/hp/hr
  • Fuel flow @ 150hp @ 10,000' 12.6gph / 47 litres p.h.
  • Installed weight 270 lbs / 123 kgs
  • TBO Target > 3000 hrs
  • Generator 24v, 100A
  • Single lever power control Yes

All specifications are preliminary and are subject to confirmation and change without notice. All images are indicative only.

With an optimum cruise power at 10,000’ in the range 150-180hp with a targeted specific fuel consumption of around 0.56 lbs/hp/h, the TA200TP Talon will offer an appealing alternative to incumbent piston engines. Smaller and lighter than equivalent piston engines and combining the reliability and smooth operation of turbine engines, the Talon will be the first in a family of uncertificated turboprop engines covering the 120-300hp power range.

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