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A significant and major milestone achievement during this last quarter has been the finalisation of the recuperator design for the prototype engine. Our engineers have had the opportunity to compare the predicted performance for several recuperator geometries using analytical tools to the actual performance achieved from empirical testing to allow them to more accurately predict the performance of different recuperator designs or configurations. The final design has now been submitted to our supplier to be manufactured, which will be completed during the next quarter. This recuperator was one of three configurations that we have developed. The two remaining designs will also be prototyped to test in due course.

Completing the design of the recuperator was important because the performance of the recuperator directly affects the performance of both upstream and downstream components such as compressor, turbines and combustor. Freezing the recuperator design has now allowed our technical team to finalise the design of the upstream and downstream components of the engine.

The gearbox and combustor liner are two other major components whose design was completed during the quarter and are in the process of being prepared for prototyping. We are particularly proud of our gearbox design which is an extremely challenging component, given the very high reduction ratio required and the need to keep it compact and light.

Fabrication of the turbomachinery will also start in the next few weeks, along with remaining components.

The fuel and oil systems are fully spec’d with fittings, tubing sizes, pump performance requirements, etc all now having been finalized, ready for purchase or fabrication of the components.

With fabrication and sourcing of the long lead time items occurring now, we are on track to assemble the prototype engine on to the test stand early next year.

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