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An update from the CEO

TurbAero is on a mission to deliver a low-cost, fuel-efficient turboprop engine for use in uncertificated aircraft. To keep you up to date with the progress of our development program we are working on a new website packed with great features including a forum for our customers to discuss engines, find answers and share information on aircraft type-specific issues. So if you have a Vans RVX or a Velocity or any other type of aircraft, you will be able to discuss them here with fellow builders. As we progress towards commercially available engines, all the information you expect will be available too. Over time, we will be adding more technical data, as well as providing online installation/operating/maintenance manuals which will all be downloadable. There will also be a simple online ordering system to enable you to purchase engines, spare parts and accessories directly from our website. The development program for our 200hp launch engine is progressing very well. The design of most of the components is now complete, and we are in the process of prototyping and testing. We anticipate first runs of our prototype commercial engine late-2020. Thanks for your interest in TurbAero. We are very excited to be so close to bringing more affordable and fuel-efficient turbine power to the light aircraft owner. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on our progress. Dave Limmer. Chief Executive Officer, TurbAero.

About TurbAero Engines

The 200hp TA200TP turboprop is TurbAero’s launch engine. It will be the first in a family of uncertificated turboprop engines to cover the 120-300hp power range.

Offering an optimum cruise power at 10,000’ in the range 150-180hp with a targeted specific fuel consumption of less than 0.50 lbs/hp/hour, the 200hp TA200TP turboprop engine will offer owners and builders a turbine engine option that will be competitive with incumbent piston engines.

Being much smaller and lighter than equivalent piston engines, combined with the reliability and smoothness of turbine engines, our TA200TP will offer significant benefits for experimental aircraft.

Where it started

The TurbAero journey started in 2008 when founder, Dave Limmer wanted to install a 100hp turbine engine in his own Lightning Bug experimental aircraft. Following a global search, he realised that there were no commercially available options, so he set about designing and building his own. In 2015, he successfully ran his 100hp proof of concept engine. Having recognised the opportunity to introduce turbine engines into the light aircraft market, in 2016 Dave established TurbAero in conjunction with his brother Andrew, to pursue his dream of delivering a family of clean-sheet design, fully-optimized, fuel-efficient turbine engines to the light aircraft market.