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The last quarter has seen good progress being made in the areas of design, prototyping and commercial activities.

It has been highly motivating for the team at TurbAero to finally see components being built. After many years of design effort and seeing everything in the form of CAD models or calculations, it is gratifying to now see real components.

Our interaction with the companies that are prototyping the components has proven to be both valuable and enlightening. Based on their experience and expertise, some of the manufacturers have made suggestions to enhance the manufacturing and assembly processes for their respective components. The consequence of incorporating the recommendations of the component manufacturers is that doing so generated the need to analyze the changes and modify the manufacturing drawings. While these actions have slowed the prototyping process, the resultant engine will be one that is easier and cheaper to manufacture and assemble, providing tangible benefits for our customers. For more information on the technical program, please read the Design and Technical update.

Later this month EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) will be underway again. This year, TurbAero has a double-sized booth in the Homebuilt Aircraft Display Area (Booth 638). The centerpiece and highlight of our display for this year will be announced on 18 July. While we would love for that to be a real engine, it is not. However, we are confident that it will be a display that our community will want to see. So please standby for more information to be released about this initiative in the week prior to Oshkosh. You can read more about our display on our Air Shows page.

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As always, safe flying!
Dave Limmer,
Founder and CEO, TurbAero

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