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The last quarter has seen significant progress in finalizing the design and engineering drawings for many components of the engine. I am pleased to say that, as of the date of publishing this newsletter, we have contracted out for the manufacture or supply of several of the major components of the engine and are in the process of finalising other contracts. Please read the Design and Technical Update for the latest details on the technical program.

I am also pleased to announce the launch of our online forum. The forum will provide a focused and centralized location where our followers and customers can discuss TurbAero engines and interact with the company and each other. Through our forum, we are aiming to grow a TurbAero community where thoughts, ideas, problems, and solutions can be discussed amongst one another openly, and where information about the engines can be easily sourced. Being an experimental aircraft builder myself, I fully understand the benefits of being able to draw on the experience and knowledge of other builders. In many cases, the problems or issues that I faced in my own build were experienced and resolved by others. As our engines start to be installed in our customers' projects, a multitude of both generic and type-specific questions will arise. For this reason, we have a section of our forum that is dedicated to specific aircraft types and models. For example, if you are building a Velocity or an RV14, you will have a section that is dedicated to your aircraft type, where you can discuss and research issues pertaining to your specific aircraft. Other aircraft are also included, and this range will be expanded as needed. I invite you to visit the forum at and start contributing to building content and knowledge on the site. I also welcome you to 'Introduce yourself" in the relevant section of the forum, so that we can learn a bit about each other.

Planning continues for our participation at two air shows in 2022. Sun ‘N Fun is getting close and AirVenture is less than six months away. Our booth at Sun 'N Fun will provide visitors with an update on our progress since Oshkosh 2021, and we will also be encouraging visitors to use our engine simulator - which will allow visitors the opportunity to virtually 'fly' behind our engine. For those that are attending Sun 'N Fun, you are invited to swing past our display (booths 7&8 in the North-East Exhibit areas) and chat with our staff. Our team looks forward to meeting up with you at Sun 'N Fun or Oshkosh this year. I encourage you to read this Air Shows Update for more details.

Another pleasing element to our business is our Registration of Interest (ROI) program, which has been running since Oshkosh last year. The response to this initiative has been extremely positive. The program is no-cost and no-obligation and allows our community to secure a spot to order an engine when we open the order books. You can find out more about our Registration of Interest program here.

The onus is now on us to deliver our product and the team at TurbAero is encouraged by the interest in our engines, and we are working hard to deliver our product as soon as possible.

I’d like to thank you for your continued interest in TurbAero.

As always, safe flying!
Dave Limmer,
Founder and CEO, TurbAero

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