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We are looking forward to attending two air shows in 2022 – Sun ‘N Fun and AirVenture - where we will be providing updates on our engine program as well as showcasing our enhanced engine simulator.

Those who visited our booth at Oshkosh 2021 may recall our engine simulator display. This is actually a design tool that we have used for the development of our engine control system. It simulates all elements of the engine’s functions, allowing observation of all predicted engine parameters for all major engine components. We have now integrated our engine simulator with one of the popular PC-based flight simulators. This integrated Flight/Engine Simulator will allow visitors to our booths at both events to ‘fly’ behind the engine and experience the predicted handling qualities.

We will have a popular experimental aircraft modelled with a traditional piston engine and an identical aircraft being modelled with the Talon. This will allow users of the simulator to compare turbine and piston variants of these aircraft. Of course, there are limitations with the capabilities of the commercial PC-based flight simulators but a reasonable likeness in both looks and performance to an aircraft can be achieved.

We believe this simulator, along with the progress we have made on our engine, will be a big drawcard for our booth visitors in 2022.

We'll be in booths 7&8 North East Exhibit area at Sun 'N Fun - keep an eye on our socials as we get closer to the air show for more details.

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